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I've worked with Adele for years and I'm always pleased and delighted to recommend her services to my patients. She is a terrific caretaker for all your pets and when my clients go out of town, they sing her praises upon their return! -- Dr. Lee Calsyn of Laurel Pet Hospital in West Hollywood


Adele and I have had a wonderful working relationship for many years. Not only is she a terrific, dedicated and experienced petsitter, but she is extremely knowledgeable about how best to rehabilitate pets after surgery and care for those with special needs. -- Dr. Weston Richter - Sherman Oaks Veterinary Group


Adele is not only responsible, professional and reliable in every aspect of her work, her experience and ease with animals facing the inevitable difficulties of aging has been invaluable to my animal family. She has been caretaking my dogs and cats from the days when they were energetic young pups and kittens to needing daily medication, an adjusted exercise schedule and other treatments. Her love and devotion to animals and their well being is without compare. I would highly recommend her to everyone. She is the best of the best! -- Michelle Greene & Sadie & Fidel

Professional, knowledgeable, loving and above all trustworthy are just some of the words that come to mind when describing Adele. If you want tender loving care for your furry children then Adele is the one person you can count on. -- Becky Starr, Western US Manager Animal Wellness Magazine


It's always nice - a perk you might say - when the person who takes care of your furry kids is also like a member of the family. Adele has been taking care of Brody, Shana and Minnie for 14 years. Until 10 years ago, I lived in Los Feliz. One of the conditions for buying my place in Silver Lake was the assurance that Adele would be able to continue taking care of everyone. She is trustworthy, careful and takes great care of my most important treasures -- my animals. -- Lynda Parets, Brody and Minnie

My very diverse group of high maintenance felines, all with their own individual wants and needs, are beautifully cared for with great love and affection by Adele. She's also a lot of fun and the kids love to party with her but the good news is, she'll also clean up after them!" -- Kathleen Carey and Lulu, Harry, Rio, Angus & Pharao


Adele not only cares for your pet with extraordinary tenderness, she cares for and educates YOU, the pet owners and family. She is skilled and shows great empathy for the gentle handling of your ailing pet, and is there for you with loving, supportive and wise advice for ongoing care. -- Susan Davis and Charlie


My Siberian Huskys, Niki and Sheena, would not know what to do if not for Adele. When Adele walks in the door, Niki gets very excited. He knows he'll be getting a great walk, individual attention, and most importantly, a really great treat! Sheena is shyer and not so forthcoming, but when she sees Adele, she gets all giggly and happy. As for me, I count on Adele to take care of my dogs as if they were her own. She does. It's a huge responsibility in my book and Adele does it better than anyone I've ever worked with. -- Virginia Katz with Sheena, Niki & Sammy

I have used the cat sitting services of Adele for over five years and am very happy with her in every way. She is responsible, truly loves animals, and even gives me little progress reports on my very sensitive rescue kitties, Kima and Chui, who now, after much patience on Adele's part, come to the door to greet her! -- Toni Bentley, Kima and Chui  

These three Parisian boys are always safe and sound in Adele's excellent care when I travel to Paris to pick up their treats. -- David Burkitt and Pierre, Charlie & Francois


I have referred numerous pet owners to Adele throughout the many years I have personally known her. High profile or otherwise, they have all expressed satisfaction with her services. She is always reliable and honest and most important of all, she is kind and caring with their pets. -- Mike Herstik, DetectionDogs.com

Adele has a wonderful touch with the animals, and I have been referring her to my clients for more than 8 years. They always report a sense of relief that they have someone they can really count on to take knowledgeable care of their animals, often above and beyond the call of duty! -- Gretchen Farrell, Primetime K-9